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In the past few weeks, Nankai University’s International Technological Cooperative Base of New Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology and International Scientific and Technological Cooperative Base of Tumor Immunology and Biological Vaccines were approved as National-level International Science Cooperative Basesby MOST. Nankai University also became the only unit among the Model International Science Cooperative Bases with two approved bases. At the same time, Nankai University’s International Technological Cooperative Base of Optics and Photonics, approved and established in 2009, also obtained an excellent result in the 2016 National-level International Science Cooperative Bases Assessment.

In recent years, Nankai University has been focusing on national strategic requirements and global academic frontiers. Nankai University takes the construction of a double first-class university as the main goal and actively promotes international cooperation in the field of Science and Technology according to its strategic plan for internationalization. In the first year of the Chinese 13th Five-Year Plan, the construction of Nankai University’s international S&T cooperative platform made outstanding progress. Several multi-level, cross-disciplinary and high-quality international S&T cooperative bases and platforms were approved and established. These platforms cover a wide academic area: Environmental Science, Life Medicine, Electronic Information, Energy Materials, Chemistry, Computer Science and Controlling, and many other disciplines.

To satisfy the new international requirements of Nankai, during the period of the Chinese 13th Five-Year Plan, the university will build consensus and be united to implement its top design. The Science & Technology Department will organize and perfect the system, fulfilling managerial responsibilities, ensuring supporting resources, exploring innovative cooperative forms, and encouraging the platforms to support national and international S&T cooperation. At the same time, the Science & Technology Department will also effectively develop the Programs, Talent and Bases international S&T cooperation model, promoting long-term, stable and solid international S&T innovative exchanges.

The staff of the Science & Technology Department said that the university would cultivate and establish several high-level and high-quality international S&T cooperative platforms and bases according to international first-class standards. These platforms would enhance Nankai’s international S&T cooperation, playing an active role in utilizing global resources. The platforms would also lead the promotion of international S&T cooperation in different areas and regions, improve quality and level of Nankai’s international S&T cooperation, and promote Nankai’s S&T innovation to the world.

Reported by Wu Junhui

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini