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(Reporter Wang Dianju Photographer Liu Jing) Fifty-five international students from more than ten countries such as North Korea, Pakistan, Holland, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine etc. visited Jinan, Shandong province recently in a ‘Experiencing Chinese Culture’ activity organized by the Office for Intertional Academic Exchanges (OIAE) of Nankai University. Jiuding Tower and Jiuru Mountain Waterfall are the two scenic spots for the two days’ trip. While appreciating the natual scenery, international students also enjoyed several interactive games in both scenic spots. ‘It helps a lot for us to have a better understanding of China and Chinese culture, meanwhile, it also makes us feel more interested in Chinese language learning.’ Some of them said after the trip.

International students first went to see Jiuding Tower Ethnic Groups Park in Jiuding Tower scenic spot. There are fifty-six echnic groups celebrating their own festivals in the park, with sixteen ethnic-style cottages of Dai, Wa, Yi, Miao, etc.. While watching performance, international students cannot help dancing together with the ethnic groups. They played several interactive full-of-fun games like ‘Relay Race of Pumpkin’ ‘Pull together and Go’. Several large real dramas are watched at the end of the first-day trip, such as ‘Good guy Qinqiong’, ‘Wusong drunkenly hits Jiang Menshen’, and ‘Liu Sanjie’s Search for a Husband ’.

Jiuru Mountain scenic spot is called ‘Jiuzhai Valley of the north China’ for its beauty. As it is late autumn, trees of all over the mountain are turning red. International students closely enjoyed the original beauty at the spring waterfall area, canyon area, local culture experiencing area and mountain resort area. ‘It is so beautiful and gorgeous ’, said by them while leaving.

The activity of ‘Experiencing Chinese Culture’ is warmly welcomed by international students of Nankai University, officer of OIAE said. Students have been to Beijing (captical of China), Xi’an (Shaanxi province), Yan’an (Shaanxi province), Qufu (Shandong province), etc. before the trip to Jinan. All of the visited places acted as the practical ‘classrooms’ for the international students, while they enjoyed the original beauty of the country.