Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees for International Students

Nankai University

September, 2015

TuitionCategoryMajor(CNY/per year)
UndergraduateHumanities Economics Management20000
Science Engineering25000
Medicine Arts35000
Graduate (M.A.)(two-year) Humanities Economics Management30000
(three year) Humanities Economics Management26000
Science Engineering30000
Medicine Arts40000
Graduate (Ph.D)Humanities Economics Management30000
Science Engineering39000
Medicine Arts50000
General Visiting ScholarHumanities Economics Management17000
Science Engineering20000
Senior Visiting ScholarHumanities Economics Management30000
Science Engineering35000
Tuition for Short-term Chinese Programs
850 CNY/ per week
Tuition for Short-term English-teaching P
1200-1500 CNY/ per week
Short-term Program’s Application Fee
0-800 CNY
Undergraduate’s Application Fee
400 CNY
Graduate’s Application Fee
600 CNY

Room Rate of Foreign Student Dormitory for self-support student

                                                                                                                              Unit:  (RMB/bed/day)

Room TypeCategory/DurationBalitai CampusJinnan Campus
Double-roomLong-term(3 months and over)Yi Yuan#2, #46040
Jing Yuan65
Short-term(1-3 month)Yi Yuan#2, #46545
Jing Yuan75
Regular Price(below 1 month)Yi Yuan#2, #490/10450
Jing Yuan109
Single-roomLong-term(3 months and over)

Short-term(1-3 month)

Regular Price(below 1 month)

Note: All the students must pay 3 month rent in total when they check into the dormitory, and get partial refund if they stay less than 90days.