2020 Nankai University Application for International Students(Master))

1. A Brief Introduction

Founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators Zhang Boling and Yan Xiu, Nankai University, located in Tianjin, is a key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly administered by the Ministry of Education. In 2017, the university was selected to be on the list of 42 universities and colleges that would participate in the countrys Double First-Class Initiative (the construction plan of world-class universities and world-class disciplines). Taking Dedication to Public Interests, Acquisition of All-round Capability, Aspiration for Progress with Each Passing Day as the school motto, Nankai University has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents including the founding Premier of the Peoples Republic of China Zhou Enlai, the famous mathematician Chern Shiing-Shen, the physicist Wu Ta-You, and the playwright Cao Yu.


In the past 100 years, Nankai University has gradually constructed an operating pattern of a university with three campuses and featured a balance between the humanities and the sciences, a solid foundation and a combination of practicality and creativity. Currently, the university occupies an area of 3,750,000 m2. The university has 26 academic colleges, with disciplines covering literature, social science, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, art, etc.


Nankai University is equipped with a strong world-class faculty. Among the 2,082 faculty members, 812 are professors and 834 are associate professors, including 20 members of the Chinese Academy of Science, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the Third World Academy of Science. Currently, the university has a total enrollment of more than 28,000 students, including 16,000 undergraduates and 12,000 master’s and doctoral students. In recent years, Nankai Universitys international influence and international education levels have been increasing. There are now more than 400 full-time and part-time foreign experts, and more than 2,100 international students from 95 countries pursuing long-term study at Nankai.


2. Eligibility

(1) Applicants must be healthy, non-Chinese citizens and foreign passport holders, with no criminal record in China.

Masters degree applicants must have a bachelors degree

3. Application Date

December 1st, 2019 March 31st , 2020 (Scholarship available)

April 1st, 2020 May 15th, 2020 (Self-support)


4. Length of Study

2-3 years Students can apply for an extension of no more than 1 year if they meet the requirements of the university.


5. Majors

(1) Masters majors: Please visit the following link for specific information.

(2) English-taught programs

a. Nankai University - University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School Program

Please visit the following link for specific information.

b. Software Engineering Foreign Aid Project

Please visit the following link for specific information.


6. Application Process and Required Materials

(1) Please register at the website:, and complete the online application. Please choose Self-sponsored (Other colleges);

(2) Upload scanned documents of relevant materials as required (List of Required Materials (Master).pdf );

(3) Submit the application form and pay the registration fee (please find the details of payment below in Item 9);

(4) Regularly check your email for personal application updates in case any changes or supplements of your materials are required.


7. Scholarships

Nankai University will directly consider the applicants admission application materials, education background, school performance and special abilities as the basis for scholarship selection. As for Tianjin Government Scholarship and Study-at-Nankai Scholarship, applicants do not need to apply again.

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship

Scholarship Value: Exemption from tuition fee and on-campus accommodation fee; provision of coverage of comprehensive medical insurance and a living allowance (CNY 3000/month for masters students and CNY 3500/month for doctoral students).

(2) Confucius Institute Scholarship (Master’s available)

Scholarship Value: Exemption from tuition fee and on-campus accommodation fee; provision of coverage of comprehensive medical insurance and a living allowance (CNY 3000 monthly).

(3) Tianjin Government Scholarship

Scholarship Value:

Full Scholarship: CNY 58,000/student/year (Doctorate); CNY38,000/student/year (Master’s)

Partial Scholarship: CNY47,800/student/year (Doctorate); CNY30,000/student/year (Master’s)

(4) Study-at-Nankai Scholarship

Scholarship Value:

Full Scholarship: CNY 18,000/student/year

Partial Scholarship: CNY 10,000/student/year


a. Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship should login to the website, complete the application, and submit it (please choose “B” for “Program Category” and type “10055” as the “Agency No.”);

b. Applicants for the Confucius Institute Scholarship should login to “The Confucius Institute Scholarship Online Application System” at, complete the application, and submit it (specific scholarship policies are subject to the Confucius Institute Admissions Brochure).


8. Assessment and Admission

After the evaluation of applicants application materials, the college and schools will decide whether to add an additional examination or interview based on the applicants education backgrounds and application majors applied for. Please pay attention to further updates for specific assessment methods, contents, or dates.


Admission results will be announced on the official website of the International Academic Exchanges of Nankai University.


9. Payment Standards and Methods

(1) Application fee: CNY 600 or USD 100 (bank wire transfer is accepted, please findNankai University Bank Account.pdf

(2) Tuition feeOn-site payment:

a. Chinese-taught programs

Master’s Degree


(two-year programs)

CNY 30,000 yearly

(three-year programs)

CNY 26,000 yearly


CNY 30,000 yearly


CNY 40,000 yearly

Doctoral Degree


CNY 30,000 yearly


CNY 39,000 yearly


CNY 50,000 yearly

b. English-taught programs: CNY 50,000 yearly

Note: The information above is for reference only. Actual fees will be in accordance with the tuition standards at time of admission.

(3) Place of Payment

Please submit the fee to the Nankai University Registry (the ground floor of the Nankai University Student Activity Center). Making a payment on behalf of someone else is allowed.

(4) Medical insurance fee: CNY 1000 per student per year

According to the regulations of Ministry of Education of P. R. China, international students must purchase comprehensive medical insurance for foreign students while they are studying in China. The university will cover the insurance for Chinese Government Scholarship recipients, Confucius Institute Scholarship recipients and Confucius China Studies Program Scholarship recipients. Other international students are required to purchase insurance before registration (International Students Insurance:


10. Accommodation

(1) On-campus accommodation

Nankai University provides accommodation with individual lavatories and room cleaning services On-campus accommodation is limited—first come, first serve.

(2) Off-campus accommodation

The University Cooperative Housing Apartment: Longfor Goyoo Apartment. Please find more details at the website:

(3) Accommodation Fee

   CNY 1200/student/month CNY 2200/student/month


11. Contact Information

International Students Office, International Academic Exchange Office of Nankai University

Balitai Campus Address: Room A101, Aichi Hall, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, P. R. China. Postal code: 300071.

Jinnan Campus Address: Room 503, Expert’s Apartment, 38 Tongyan Road, Haihe River Education Area, Tianjin, P. R. China. Postal code: 300350



Note: Any possible change in the above content is subject to the final interpretation of the International Academic Exchange Office of Nankai University. Please pay attention to further updates on the official website.

 WeChat Official Account: NKUISO

No.College/SchoolCampusMajorLength of   SchoolingTuition FeeMedium of  Instruction
1Chern Institute of   MathematicsBalitaiFundamental   Mathematics330000Chinese
2Chern Institute of   MathematicsBalitaiProbability and   Mathematical Statistics330000Chinese
3Chern Institute of   MathematicsBalitaiTheoretical Physics330000Chinese
4School of   Mathematical SciencesBalitaiFundamental   Mathematics330000Chinese
5School of   Mathematical SciencesBalitaiNumerical Mathematics330000Chinese
6School of   Mathematical SciencesBalitaiProbability and   Mathematical Statistics330000Chinese
7School of   Mathematical SciencesBalitaiApplied Mathematics330000Chinese
8School of   Mathematical SciencesBalitaiBioinformatics330000Chinese
9School of   Mathematical SciencesBalitaiMathematical   Economics330000Chinese
10School of Statistics   and Data ScienceBalitaiApplied Statistics330000Chinese
11School of Statistics   and Data ScienceBalitaiStatistics330000Chinese
12School of PhysicsBalitaiTheoretical Physics330000Chinese
13School of PhysicsBalitaiParticle and Nuclear   Physics330000Chinese
14School of PhysicsBalitaiCondensed Matter   Physics330000Chinese
15School of PhysicsBalitaiPhotonics and Photon   Technology330000Chinese
16School of PhysicsBalitaiPhysics of Life   Information330000Chinese
17School of PhysicsBalitaiOptics330000Chinese
18TEDA Institute of   Applied PhysicsTEDACondensed Matter   Physics330000Chinese
19TEDA Institute of   Applied PhysicsTEDAOptics330000Chinese
20TEDA Institute of   Applied PhysicsTEDAPhotonics and Photon   Technology330000Chinese
21College of Electronic   Information and Optical EngineeringJinnanOptical Engineering330000Chinese
22College of Electronic   Information and Optical EngineeringJinnanElectronic Science   and Technology330000Chinese
23College of Electronic   Information and Optical EngineeringJinnanInformation and   Communication Engineering330000Chinese
24College of SoftwareJinnanSoftware Engnieering230000English
25College of   Environmental Science and Engineering JinnanEnvironmental Science330000Chinese
26College of   Environmental Science and Engineering JinnanEnvironmental   Engineering330000Chinese
27College of   Environmental Science and Engineering JinnanEnvironmental   Management and Economics330000Chinese
28College of   Environmental Science and Engineering JinnanEcology330000Chinese
29College of   Environmental Science and Engineering JinnanResource Recycling   Science and Engineering330000Chinese
30College of   Environmental Science and Engineering JinnanResource and   Environment330000Chinese
31College of ChemistryBalitaiInorganic Chemistry330000Chinese
32College of ChemistryBalitaiOrganic Chemistry330000Chinese
33College of ChemistryBalitaiAnalytical Chemistry330000Chinese
34College of ChemistryBalitaiPhysical Chemistry330000Chinese
35College of ChemistryBalitaiPolymer Chemistry and   Physics330000Chinese
36College of ChemistryBalitaiChemical Biology330000Chinese
37College of ChemistryBalitaiChemistry of Fine   Chemicals330000Chinese
38College of ChemistryBalitaiPesticide Science330000Chinese
39College of ChemistryBalitaiPlant Pathology330000Chinese
40College of ChemistryBalitaiAgricultural   Entomology and Pest Control330000Chinese
41College of ChemistryBalitaiAgriculture330000Chinese
42College of ChemistryBalitaiMaterials and   Chemicals330000Chinese
43School of Materials   Science and EngineeringJinnanMaterials Physics and   Chemistry330000Chinese
44School of Materials   Science and EngineeringJinnanMaterials Science330000Chinese
45School of Materials   Science and EngineeringJinnanMaterials and   Chemicals330000Chinese
46College of Life   SciencesBalitaiPolymer Chemistry and   Physics330000Chinese
47College of Life   SciencesBalitaiBotany330000Chinese
48College of Life   SciencesBalitaiZoology330000Chinese
49College of Life   SciencesBalitaiMicrobiology330000Chinese
50College of Life   SciencesBalitaiGenetics330000Chinese
51College of Life   SciencesBalitaiCell Biology330000Chinese
52College of Life   SciencesBalitaiBiochemistry and   Molecular Biology330000Chinese
53College of Life   SciencesBalitaiBiology and Medicine330000Chinese
54College of PharmacyJinnanMedicinal Chemistry340000Chinese
55School of MedicineBalitaiMedical Physiology340000Chinese
56School of MedicineBalitaiFood Science and   Engineering330000Chinese
57School of MedicineBalitaiAnatomy and   Embryology340000Chinese
58School of MedicineBalitaiImmunology340000Chinese
59School of MedicineBalitaiPathogen Biology340000Chinese
60School of MedicineBalitaiPathology and   Pathophysiology340000Chinese
61School of MedicineBalitaiImaging Medicine and   Nuclear Medicine340000Chinese
62School of MedicineBalitaiClinical Laboratory   Diagnostics340000Chinese
63School of MedicineBalitaiSurgery340000Chinese
64School of MedicineBalitaiObstetrics and   Gynecology340000Chinese
65School of MedicineBalitaiOphthalmology340000Chinese
66School of MedicineBalitaiOtolaryngology340000Chinese
67School of MedicineBalitaiOncology340000Chinese
68School of MedicineBalitaiAnesthesiology340000Chinese
69School of MedicineBalitaiEmergency Medicine340000Chinese
70School of MedicineBalitaiClinical Oral   Medicine340000Chinese
71School of MedicineBalitaiInternal Medicine340000Chinese
72School of MedicineBalitaiPediatrics340000Chinese
73School of MedicineBalitaiMedical Biochemistry   and Molecular Biology340000Chinese
74School of MedicineBalitaiInternal   Medicine(Professional Degree)340000Chinese
75School of MedicineBalitaiPediatrics(Professional   Degree)340000Chinese
76School of MedicineBalitaiImaging Medicine and   Nuclear Medicine(Professional Degree)340000Chinese
77School of MedicineBalitaiSurgery(Professional   Degree)340000Chinese
78School of MedicineBalitaiObstetrics and   Gynecology(Professional Degree)340000Chinese
79School of MedicineBalitaiOncology(Professional   Degree)340000Chinese
80School of MedicineBalitaiGeneral   Practitioner(Professional Degree)340000Chinese
81School of MedicineBalitaiAnesthesiology(Professional   Degree)340000Chinese
82School of MedicineBalitaiOphthalmology(Professional   Degree)340000Chinese
83School of MedicineBalitaiOtolaryngology(Professional   Degree)340000Chinese
84School of MedicineBalitaiOral   Medicine(Professional Degree)340000Chinese
85College of Chinese   Language and LiteratureJinnanLinguistics and   Applied Linguistics326000Chinese
86College of Chinese   Language and LiteratureJinnanChinese Language and   Characters326000Chinese
87College of Chinese   Language and LiteratureBalitaiMaster of Teaching   Chinese to the Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL)230000Chinese
88School of LiteratureBalitaiLinguistics and   Applied Linguistics326000Chinese
89School of LiteratureBalitaiArt Theory340000Chinese
90School of LiteratureBalitaiDesign340000Chinese
91School of LiteratureBalitaiFine Arts340000Chinese
92School of LiteratureBalitaiChinese Language and   Characters326000Chinese
93School of LiteratureBalitaiArt and   Literature 326000Chinese
94School of LiteratureBalitaiStudies of Chinese   Ancient Documents326000Chinese
95School of LiteratureBalitaiChinese Ancient   Literature326000Chinese
96School of LiteratureBalitaiChinese Modern and   Contemporary Literature326000Chinese
97School of LiteratureBalitaiChinese Ethnic   Minority Language and Literature326000Chinese
98School of LiteratureBalitaiComparative   Literature and World Literature326000Chinese
99School of LiteratureBalitaiJournalism326000Chinese
100School of LiteratureBalitaiCommunication326000Chinese
101School of LiteratureBalitaiLiterary Criticism   and Creation326000Chinese
102Faculty of HistoryJinnanCultural Heritage and   Museology326000Chinese
103Faculty of HistoryJinnanChinese History326000Chinese
104Faculty of HistoryJinnanArchaeology326000Chinese
105Faculty of HistoryJinnanWorld History326000Chinese
106Japan InstituteBalitaiWorld Economy326000Chinese
107Japan InstituteBalitaiInternational   Politics230000Chinese
108Japan InstituteBalitaiWorld History326000Chinese
109College of PhilosophyJinnanChinese Philosophy326000Chinese
110College of PhilosophyJinnanForeign Philosophy326000Chinese
111College of PhilosophyJinnanLogics326000Chinese
112College of PhilosophyJinnanEthics326000Chinese
113College of PhilosophyJinnanPhilosophy of Science   and Technology326000Chinese
114College of PhilosophyJinnanMarxist Philosophy326000Chinese
115College of PhilosophyJinnanAesthetics326000Chinese
116College of PhilosophyJinnanReligion Studies326000Chinese
117College of Foreign   LanguagesBalitaiEnglish Language and   Literature326000Chinese
118College of Foreign   LanguagesBalitaiRussian Language and   Literature326000Chinese
119College of Foreign   LanguagesBalitaiJapanese Language and   Literature326000Chinese
120College of Foreign   LanguagesBalitaiForeign Linguistics   and Applied Linguistics326000Chinese
121College of Foreign   LanguagesBalitaiEnglish   Interpretation230000Chinese
122College of Foreign   LanguagesBalitaiJapanese   Interpretation230000Chinese
123School of LawJinnanLegal Theory230000Chinese
124School of LawJinnanLegal History230000Chinese
125School of LawJinnanConstitutional and   Administrative Law230000Chinese
126School of LawJinnanCriminal Law230000Chinese
127School of LawJinnanCivil and Commercial   Law230000Chinese
128School of LawJinnanProcedural Law230000Chinese
129School of LawJinnanEconomic Law230000Chinese
130School of LawJinnanEnvironment and   Resources Protection Law230000Chinese
131School of LawJinnanInternational Law230000Chinese
132School of LawJinnanLaw(Only for Law   Major Students)230000Chinese
133School of LawJinnanLaw326000Chinese
134Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanPolitical Theory230000Chinese
135Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanChinese and Foreign   Political System230000Chinese
136Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanInternational   Politics230000Chinese
137Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanInternational   Relations230000Chinese
138Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanScience of Diplomacy230000Chinese
139Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanSociology230000Chinese
140Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanDemography230000Chinese
141Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanAnthropology230000Chinese
142Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanSocial Work and   Social Policy230000Chinese
143Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanSocial Work230000Chinese
144Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanFundamental   Psychology230000Chinese
145Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanApplied Psychology230000Chinese
146Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanAdministrative   Management230000Chinese
147Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanSocial Security230000Chinese
148Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnan Public Policy230000Chinese
149Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanUrban Development and   Management230000Chinese
150Zhou Enlai School of   GovernmentJinnanEducation Economics   and Management230000Chinese
151School of FinanceJinnanFinance326000Chinese
152School of FinanceJinnanInsurance326000Chinese
153School of FinanceJinnanFinancial Engineering326000Chinese
154School of FinanceJinnanActuarial Science326000Chinese
155School of FinanceJinnanFinance326000Chinese
156School of FinanceJinnanInsurance326000Chinese
157School of EconomicsBalitaiPolitical Economics326000Chinese
158School of EconomicsBalitaiHistory of Economic   Thought326000Chinese
159School of EconomicsBalitaiEconomic History326000Chinese
160School of EconomicsBalitaiWestern Economics326000Chinese
161School of EconomicsBalitaiWorld Economy326000Chinese
162School of EconomicsBalitaiPopulation,Resource   and Environmental Economics326000Chinese
163School of EconomicsBalitaiQuantitative   Economics326000Chinese
164School of EconomicsBalitaiUrban Economics326000Chinese
165School of EconomicsBalitaiTax326000Chinese
166School of EconomicsBalitaiInternational   Business326000Chinese
167School of EconomicsBalitaiRegional Economics326000Chinese
168School of EconomicsBalitaiPublic Finance326000Chinese
169School of EconomicsBalitaiFinance326000Chinese
170School of EconomicsBalitaiIndustrial Economics326000Chinese
171School of EconomicsBalitaiInternational Trade326000Chinese
172School of EconomicsBalitaiLabor Economics326000Chinese
173Business SchoolBalitaiManagement Science   and Engineering230000Chinese
174Business SchoolBalitaiAccounting230000Chinese
175Business SchoolBalitaiEnterprise Management230000Chinese
176Business SchoolBalitaiTechnical Economics   and Management230000Chinese
177Business SchoolBalitaiCorporate Governance230000Chinese
178Business SchoolBalitaiHuman Resource   Management230000Chinese
179Business SchoolBalitaiLibrary Science230000Chinese
180Business SchoolBalitaiArchival Science230000Chinese
181Business SchoolBalitaiInformatics230000Chinese
182Business SchoolBalitaiBusiness   Administration230000Chinese
183College of Tourism   and Service ManagementJinnanTourism Management326000Chinese
184College of Tourism   and Service ManagementJinnanTourism   Management(Professional Degree)2.526000Chinese
185College of Economic   and Social DevelopmentBalitaiLogistics Engineering   and Management230000Chinese
186Institute of Finance   and DevelopmentBalitaiFinance326000Chinese
187Institute of Finance   and DevelopmentBalitaiFinancial Engineering326000Chinese