International Students Office

International Student Office

International Students Office (ISO) is the office for the management of international students’ affairs in Nankai University, with specificr esponsibilities as follows:

1) As the specific implementation unit of Nankai University for the management of international students, ISO is responsible for the managing of all international students, drafting management policies regarding international students, and establishing and improving related rules and regulations.

2) Responsible for management and coordination of admission for all kinds of international students. This includes: formulating admission policies, implementing enrollment and admission, promoting various programs and recruiting international students.

3) Responsible for management of daily affairs of international students, such as visa processing, school roll management, residence permit application, insurance, cultural and physical activities for international students at university level and services of psychological counseling.

4) Responsible for management of international students receiving Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship; responsible for yearly-reviewing, evaluating and recommending scholarship students together with related colleges under the guidance of Ministry of Education, China Scholarship Council and Hanban headquarter.

5) Responsible for statistic report, information collection and report, foreign liaison, and information release of international students.

6) Responsible for handling emergency concerned with international students.