Confucius Institute Scholarship

The Confucius Institute Scholarship Program was established by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters to encourage students and Chinese language teachers all over the world to study Chinese or conduct research regarding Chinese language and culture

I. Category & Eligibility

The scholarship is only open to applicants who have a non-Chinese citizenship and who are between 16 and 35 years old. (Applicants who are currently working in a Chinese language teaching position shall not exceed the age of 45). The eligibilities are as follows:

  • Scholarship for Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) Students (2 Academic Years)
    • Applicant should have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent;
    • Full scholarship requirements minimum score of 210 on HSK Test (Level 5), and a minimum score of 60 in HSKK Test (Intermediate Level); Partial scholarship requirements minimum score of 180 on HSK Test (Level 5), and a minimum score of 60 in HSKK Test;
    • Applicant who is able to provide the employment agreement or certification upon finishing the study from designated working institutions is preferred.
  • Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study Students (11 Months)
    • Application is open to overseas Chinese language teachers and Chinese language related major students.
    • A minimum score of 270 in HSK Test (Level 3) and a HSKK Test Score Report.
    • This scholarship will prepare students to take the HSK Test (Level 5) and pass with a minimum score of 180. Upon finishing the One-Academic-Year, students who pass the HSK Test (Level 5) are eligible to apply for a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese Scholarship.
    • Students already studying in China from January 1, 2017 are not eligible for this Scholarship.
  • Scholarship for One-Semester Study Students (5 Months)
    • Application is open to Confucius Institute (Classroom) students, overseas Chinese language teachers, and Chinese language related major students;
    • A minimum score of 210 in HSK Test (Level 3) and a HSKK Test Score Report;
    • No prior experience of studying in China.

II. Scholarship Coverage and Criteria

The Confucius Institute Full Scholarship covers tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance and comprehensive medical insurance. Partial scholarships covers tuition fee, accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance.

Living allowance criteria per person:
MTCSOL: RMB 3,000 per month
One-Year or One-Semester Study:RMB 2,500 per month

MTCSOL students are subject to annual academic performance review. Only those who achieve outstanding marks in academics and Chinese language proficiency are entitled to a full scholarship for the following year; those who achieve average academic records are entitled to partial scholarships (Without living allowance); the others will not be entitled to scholarship any longer. The One-Academic-Year Study and One-Semester Study are required to attend Chinese language proficiency test before graduation. Test fees are reimbursed by Nankai University.

During the study, for any students who is absent from China of personal reasons for more than 15 days (excluding legal holidays), the allowance will be suspended during absence. Allowance will be terminated in case of schooling suspension or dropping out for personal reasons.

III. Enrollment and Deadline

2017 Fall Semester:
Application: March 1 to June 2, 2017
Enrollment: September, 2017

2018 Spring Semester:
Application: September 1 to November 30, 2017
Enrollment: March, 2018

IV. Admission Procedure

  • For application, please log on to the Confucius Institute Scholarships website ( to register, complete the Confucius Institute Scholarships Application Form online, and upload the scanned copies of relevant supporting documents as listed below:
    • A scanned copy of the passport photo page (Applicants under the age of 18 shall submit relevant documents of entrusted legal guardians in China);
    • Score reports of the HSK and HSKK (valid for two years);
    • Certification of the highest education diploma (or proof of expected graduation), and an official transcript;
    • Recommendation letter signed by the head of the recommending institutions (Chinese language teachers shall submit an employment verification letter and a reference letter provided by the institutes they work for);
    • Two reference letters from professors or associate professors (MTCSOL Students);
    • An employment agreement or certification upon finishing the study from designated working institutions (if possible).
  • Applicants are selected and recommended by Recommending Institutes which should be Confucius Institutes (Independent Confucius Classrooms), Chinese language testing centers, educational and cultural sections of Chinese embassy and consulate. If you need to be recommended by Nankai University, please contact Ms Ren (任老师) at
  • Meanwhile, please register on Nankai University admission website (, complete the online application for international students of NKU.
  • Hanban and NKU will conduct an overall assessment of all applications and admit applicants on the basis of competitive selection. Normally, the admission results will be announced in July.
  • Nankai University will post Letter of Admission, Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China (JW202 Form) and other relevant documents to the recommending institutions or applicants.

V. Contact Information

Contact: Ms. Zhishan Li (李智善)
International Students' Section
Office of the International Academic Exchanges
Nankai University
A201 Aida Building, 94 Weijing Road, Tianjin, P.R.China 300071?

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