During the period of study, International students must maintain a valid passport and visa and comply with all visa regulations and related laws in china.


X1 Visa:

X1 Visa is for student studying in China for more than 6 months. Once X1 visa holders enter china, they will have 30 days to register at the international student office of their university and apply for a residence permit. Before applying for a residence permit, however, students are required to get a health report from the Tianjin Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.


X2 visa is for people engaging in short-term (less than 6 months) academic activities in China. X2 visa has a maximum effective duration of 180 days. It specifies entries and how many days in total applicants are allowed to stay in China for each entry on the visa page. For instance, if you enter China with an X2 visa valid for 90 days on August 25, you may stay until November 23.

Residence Permit:

Residence permit is issued to people studying in China for more than 6 months. Once granted, it allows students unlimited entry into China for the time that the visa is valid.

Visa、Residence Permit Application Process:

Before going to the Public Security Bureau to apply for visa or residence permit, international student should take their passport to the International Students Office to get all the required documents.

BX1 visa holders who are applying for a residence permit must take the following materials to the Tianjin Entry and Exit Administration Department of the Public Security Bureau:
1) Visa and Residence Permit Application Form;
2) Signed and validated “Visa, Residence Permit Application Letter for Foreign Teachers and Overseas Students in Tianjin”;
3) Qualified physical examination report;
4) Copy of accommodation registration reference card;
5) JW202 Form (JW201);
6) University admission letter;
7) Photo taken at the first floor of the Entry and Exit Administration Bureau.

BInternational students who hold residence permits that are in need of extension should bring the following items to the Entry and Exit Administration Department of the Public Security Bureau:
1) Signed and validated “Visa, Residence Permit Application Letter for Foreign Teachers and Overseas Students in Tianjin” ;
2) “Visa and Residence Permit Application Form” with an attached photo of the applicant;
3) A copy of accommodation registration reference card (required for those students living off campus);
4) Nankai University admission letter (required for new students whose residence permit was applied for with the assistance of another university or institute).

Passport Loss & Passport replacement

If you lose your passport, immediately report the loss to the nearest Public Security Bureau or police station, and retain the loss report given to you by the police. If the passport is lost at Nankai University, you can also go directly to the campus police station to report it. Once you have received a loss report from the police, take the report along with copies of your passport, valid visa or residence permit, and other necessary documents to the International Students Office. The Office will provide documentation that you will need to take to Tianjin's Exit and Entry Administration Department, where you will be issued proof of the loss of your passport. This proof of loss may be used to apply for a new passport or other travel document at your country's embassy in China. Once you have received a new passport, please immediately return to the International Students Office and apply for a new visa or residence permit. During this period, be sure to keep safe any relevant documentation in order to prove your identity.

At no point may the period of validity of your visa or residence permit be longer than that of your passport. If your passport will expire while you are in China, we recommend that you apply for a replacement passport from your country's embassy and consulate as soon as possible. After obtaining a new passport, please come to the International Students Office as soon as possible to record the replacement and have your visa or residence permit transferred to your new passport. Please note that visas and residence passports must be transferred within 10 days per Chinese law.

Accommodation Registration

According to Chinese law, international students residing in housing other than foreign student dormitories or hotels authorized to receive foreign guests must register their accommodation within 24 hours of settling in. Specific procedures are as follows:

(1) Please bring your passport, student card, rental contract (signed by both parties), and a copy of the landlord’s ID card to the International Students Office (room 101, Aida Huiguan). Upon receipt of these documents, the International Students Office will issue a letter of introduction for the police station that is responsible for security of the neighborhood where the rental house is located.

(2) Along with your landlord, please take the letter of introduction issued by the school, your passport, and rental contract to the police station to register your accommodation.

Please note: For registering accommodation, there is a fee around 5% monthly rent, international students need to negotiate with your landlord to specify who will be responsible for that payment. Your accommodation registration will be required when applying for visa extensions. You need get new accommodation registration once your passport information or address changed.

Legal residence:

Each and every foreigner in China must have a legally valid passport and visa/residence permit. Those foreigners with expired passports, expired visas or residence permits, or those using forged documents shall be considered as illegally residing in this country and will be punished by warning, fine, detention and repatriation depending on the seriousness of the case. As a result, international students should pay special attention to the status of their passports and visas, and should make sure that they remain current and valid. The Exit and Entry Management Department of the Bureau of Public Security is responsible for the exit and entry affairs of foreigners.

According to the “Entry and Exit Management Enforcement Regulations for Foreigners in the PRC”, maintaining illegal residence in China is a serious offense. Those foreigners illegally residing in China will be punished by warning, fine, detention and/or repatriation depending upon the seriousness of the case.

Maintain contact with the International Students Office

If you have any questions regarding your passport or visa, please consult the International Students Office. International Students Office works hard to provide all the information and assistance necessary to solve problems regarding passports and visas. If you have any questions or concerns about your passport or visa, please immediately consult office personnel, rather than attempting to resolve the problem yourself or accepting advice from others. Problems resulting from misunderstanding of passport and visa regulations are extremely time consuming. Students will be responsible for consequences or penalties arising from their personal mismanagement of passport or visa issues.

Related Angencies

International Students Section

Address: Room A101 Aida Huiguan (Balitai Campus)

Tel: 0086-22-23508825

Entry and Exit Administration Department of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau

Adress: 19 Shou’an Street, Hebei District

Tianjin Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Adress: 2208 No.2 Road, Xingang Area, Binhai District, Tianjin

Tel: 0086-022-66706315

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