Some information for international visitors and students

1.Medical Insurance

Overseas students are required to have a medical insurance during his/her study period at Nankai University. Medical insurance will be provided by the Ministry of Education and Hanban for recipients of Chinese government scholarships. Medical insurance for inter-school exchange students will be handled according to the exchange agreement between Nankai University and the foreign institution. Medical insurance fees will be deducted from tuition for overseas students who have paid their tuition fees during specified tuition payment period (normally the first month of school). Medical fees charged by doctors and hospitals are the same for overseas students as for Chinese citizens. Nankai University has its own affiliated hospital (located on campus), which provides convenient medical treatment for Nankai teachers and students.

Names of overseas students who have not paid their tuition fees on time will be listed on our website along with a deadline for payment. If these students' tuition fees have still not been paid by the deadline, their participation in medical insurance will be considered voluntarily waived. These students will not be allowed to buy medical insurance or to extend their visas. The university will make a public announcement on its website, notifying such students that they are responsible for all consequences caused by failure to pay tuition.

Overseas students who have not graduated by on time must pay medical insurance expense for periods of extension (400 RMB is charged for half year extensions, 800 RMB for full year extensions). Such medical insurance fees should be given to the Finance Office of the Office for International Academic Exchanges. Those students who have not paid their insurance fees will not be allowed to extend their visas.

2.Hospital (at Balitai campus)

-International Medical Center of Tianjin First Central Hospital (7-minute taxi ride)

Address: Fukang Road 24, Nankai District

TEL: 022-23366974

-General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University (12-minute taxi ride)

Address: Anshan Road 154, Heping District

3.Banks, Bookstores and Supermarket(at Balitai campus)

On campus

Off campus


Bank of Communications,

Nankai University Branch

Bank of China, Qixiangtai Road (10-minutes walk)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Bank of China, Tianjin Branch

(No. 74, Jiefang Road, 20-minute taxi ride)


Nanyuan Bookstore,

Nankai University's Southwest Village

Tianjin Book Store Building (15-minute taxi ride)

Internet bar

Computer lab, room 203, 2nd floor,

New Library


Nanyuan Market,

Nankai University's Southwest Village

Carrefour supermarket

(department stores are located in Haiguangshi,

Zijinshan Road, and Baidi Road)

4.Accommodation guide

On-campus housing

Nankai University has apartments dedicated for overseas student use. Due to space limitations, reservations are generally not accepted at present. Details are as follows:

Room Types


Balitai Campus

Jinnan Campus

Standard rooms

Long-term (3 months and over )

Yi Yuan #2, #4



Jing Yuan


Short-term (1- 3 month)

Yi Yuan #2, #4



Jing Yuan


Regular Price(less than a month)

Yi Yuan #2/#4



Jing Yuan


Single rooms

Long-term (3 months and over )


Short-term (1- 3 month)


Regular Price(less than a month)


Note: All the students must pay 3 month rent in total when they check into the dormitory, and get partial refund if they stay less than 90days.

Renting off-campus housing(Near Balitai Campus)

Overseas students are permitted to rent housing off campus, but they are required to register both with the Office for Overseas Students (International Students Section ofOffice for International Academic Exchanges) and the police station responsible for security of the neighborhood where the rental house is located. The Office for Overseas Students can provide information on off-campus housing. The following chart provides a price reference for off-campus housing:

Types of house







Approximate Monthly Rent (RMB)




Note: The reference price above only covers rental and does not include water, electricity, gas, telephone or other expenses.

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