The Alumni Graduated from Nankai University 30 Years Ago Went Back to the


October 17th, on the occasion of Nankai University’s 96th anniversary of the founding, the University held the 30th General Assembly of 1981’s class undergraduate students and 1982’s classpostgraduate students. After a long absence, more than 400 alumni came back to their Alma Materfrom Canada, United States, Japan and all over the Country to meet their schoolmates one more time, review their years at School and cooperate for the development of Nankai University. Chancellor XUE Jinwen, who is also the Chairman of Nankai University Alumni Association,made a speech at the conference, and President GONG Ke made a report about the general situation of the University to the alumni. Vice PresidentZHU Guanglei, who is also the executive Vice President of Nankai University Alumni Association, hosted the ceremony.

The 400 alumnihave been studying in 12 different departments, soNankaiUniversity specially invited to the meetinga delegation of 12 old Professors from the relative departments. When the alumni presented flowers to their Professors on the stage, manyof them excitedly hugged their former students. Prof. GU Pei, as a representative of the Professors, said: "30 years after your graduation, you made huge contributions for the Country and for social knowledge, but you also made your Alma Mater proud. Today everybody returned to theAlma Materfrom all over the world, Nankai welcomes you and your former Professors are proud of you! "

The Alumni Wei Ligang from the Department of Mathematics, donated to his Alma Mater his own paintings to express gratitude. Vice President ZHU Guanglei issued to him a donation certificate. The paintings will bestored in Nankai University Museum.

Nankai University used the group photos of those years to create a "photo wall" and, after an absence of 30 years, many of the alumni went to the photo wall to take a picture with “the old themselves”. 30 years ago, the Alumni without experiences left Nankai University’s Campus proud of their success and went around the country to accomplish their goals; for30 years, they worked hard to write Nankai University’s wonderful chapters; 30 years later, they come back victorious to celebrate their AlmaMater’s 96th anniversary of the founding.

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