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Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan

Room Type

Room Type Fee Bookable
Double Room
Long-term (3 months and over ): 65 RMB/Day;
Short-term (1- 3 month): 75 RMB/Day;
Regular Price (below 1 month): 109 RMB /Day

The university service center is managing International Student Dormitory, contact information are:

Booking office: 0086-22--23509333/23501555
Yiyuan #2 building front desk: 0086-22-23508978/23501832
Yiyuan #4 building front desk: 0086-22-23508028
Jingyuan front desk: 0086-22-23500901
Front desk for Jinnan Campus’ Dormitory Building: 0086-22-

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