Self-support Degree Programs(Bachelor Degree: 4-6 years)

I. Eligibility

Applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen, under the age of 25 and have a high school diploma.

II. Application Procedures

1. Submit online application prior to May 10th.

2. Interview (Informed by schools). 

3. Upon completing the application process and being formally accepted into Nankai University's programs, the applicant's information will then be submitted to the foreign students’ admission committee for review. Only after being accepted to Nankai University can a student qualify for a scholarship.

4. The results will be further notified.

5. In early July, Nankai University International Student Office will mail applicants an Acceptance Letter as well as Form JW202 - Visa Application for Study in China and any other relevant documents.

III. Online Application Materials 

1. Please register in and complete the online application. (Choose Self-sponsored (Other colleges))

2. Highest diploma. If applicants are university students or are already employed, they should also provide Current Enrollment Verification Certification or on-post employees. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English, notarized translations in Chinese or English are required.

3. Official transcripts. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English, notarized translations in Chinese or English are required.

4. Personal Statement, including study or research plan, personal background, financial situation, personal strengths etc., written in Chinese or English (no less than 300 words).

5. One recommendation letter in Chinese or English is a must.

6. Applicants are required to have HSK level 4 or above. 

7. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (printed by Chinese Quarantine Authority - only required for those whose period of studies in China lasts more than six months) filled out in English. The medical examinations must cover all of the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, official stamp of the hospital, or a sealed (stamped) photograph of the applicants are invalid. The medical examination results will be valid for six months. All applicants are kindly requested to take this factor into consideration while determining when to take the medical examination. Download at: Otherwise, applicants may provide a resident permit, of which the expiration date is after May 15th of the application year. 

8. Photocopy of Passport.

9. Copy of Application Fee Receipt. The application fee for undergraduate is CNY400 or US$75, which can be submitted in person to the International Students Office, A101, Aichi House, Nankai University or wired to the following account:

a) RMB Account

Account Name:  Nankai University

Bank Name:  Bank of Communications, Tianjin Branch, Nankai University



Account No:  120066032010149600156

b) USD Account

Account Name:  Nankai University

Bank Name: Bank of Communications, Tianjin Branch, Nankai University Sub-Branch  


USD Account No:  120066032146300000768

◆ When submitting the payment, please clearly state that these are "Self Support 

Application Fee" as well as the name and nationality of the applicant. Also, please note

that this application fee is non-refundable.

◆  Whether admitted or not, the above application materials will not be returned.

IV. Tuition Fee

Major Humanities & Economics & Management Science & Engineering Medicine & Arts
Tuition fees CNY 20000/year CNY 25000/year CNY35000/year
Tuition fees for Chinese-medium programs only. Nankai University shall reserve all the rights of modifying the tuition and other fees.

V. Value of Award

1.Tianjin Municipal Government Scholarship

Full Scholarship 

Undergraduate:        CNY 34800 /student/year

Partial Scholarship

Undergraduate:        CNY 20000 /student/year

2.“Study at Nankai” Scholarship

Full Scholarship:      CNY 18000 /student/year

Partial Scholarship:    CNY 10000 /student/year

◆ Tianjin Municipal Government and Nankai University shall reserve all the rights of modifying the scholarship. 

VI. Others

1. Nankai University will evaluate the performance of the scholarship students annually.

2. Scholarship students normally cannot change their major or institution.    

VII. Contact Information

Ms. Li  

International Students Office

Office for International Academic Exchanges

Nankai University

Tel: +86 22-23508825 / 22-23508686

Fax: +86 22-23509646

Address: 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, P.R.China 300071



College Major Campus
School of Literature Chinese Language and Literature Balitai
College of Chinese Language and Culture Chinese Language/International Education of Chinese language Balitai  
School of History History/World History/Cultural Heritage and Museology Jinnan
School of Philosophy Philosophy/Logic Jinnan
Zhou Enlai School of Government Sociology/Public Administration/International Politics/Politics and Public Administration/Social Work/Applied Psychologyscience /Urban management Jinnan
College of Foreign Languages English/Japanese/Russian/French/German/ Translation/Spanish/Portuguese/ Italian Balitai
School of Law Law Jinnan
School of Marxism Education Marxism/Ideological and Political Education Jinnan
Business School Human Resource Management/Business Administration/ Financial Management/ Accounting/ Management Information Systems/ E-Commerce/Marketing/Library Science /Archival Science/Logistics Management / Industrial Engineering Balitai
College of Tourism and Service Management Tourism Management/Exhibition Economy and Management   Balitai
School of Economics Economics/ Fiscal Science /International Economy and Trade Balitai
School of Finance Finance/Insurance/Risk management/Financial Engineering Jinnan
College of Chemistry Chemistry/Applied Chemistry /Molecular Science and Engineering / Chemicobiology Balitai
College of Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Science/Environmental Engineering / Resource Recycling Science and Engineering Jinnan
School of Mathematical Sciences Mathematics & Applied Mathematics /Information and Computational Science Balitai
Institute of Statistics Statistics Balitai
College of Electronic Information & Optical Engineering   Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering / Communication Engineering/ Microelectronics Science and  engineering/ Electronic Information Science and Technology/ Electronic Science and Technology Jinnan
School of Physics Physics/Applied Physics/Material Physics/ Optoelectric Information Science and Technology Balitai
College of Software Software Engineering Jinnan
School of Medicine Clinical Medicine / Stomatology Jinnan
College of Life Sciences Biological Science/Biotechnology Balitai
College of Pharmacy Pharmacology Jinnan
School of Materials Science and Engineering Material Chemistry/Material Physics Jinnan
TEDA College Logistics Management/Industrial Engineering/International Business Teda
College of Computer Science Computer Science and Technology Jinnan
College of Cyber Science Network Engineering, Information Security Jinnan
College of Artificial Intelligence Intelligence Automation, Intelligence Science and Technology Jinnan