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I am LUKE GILKISON from Wellington University of Newsland. In the March of 2015, I became a Chinese training student of Nankai University by the support of Chinese Government Scholarship. After half year learning, I realize that I really love this university and I made a decision-I should stay here for another semester. With the help of the International Students Office, I got a seat of Exchange student under the Exchange Program between Nankai Univesity and Wellingtong University. I gave a speech at the opening ceremony of this September. I am so excited that I could be a part of Nankai.

Studying at Nankai has been a truly great experience. Not only have I experienced life in China, but I've made new friends from all around the world. Most of whom being from here -- China. If I were a tourist here I'd be missing out on so much. But as a student, a person living here in China, making friends and slowly exploring Tianjin and Chinese language and culture -- as this, a student of Nankai, I feel as though I've really learnt so much and grown so much. And for that I'm so grateful to our school and all my friends and classmates and teachers. I'll be back someday, even if it's only to take a walk down memory lane and remember you all. But in the meantime you'll never be far from my thoughts.

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