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I am Richard J. Cook from UK. I used to be a Master student of English Taught program-International Relations of Nankai University from 2012-2014. Then I chose to continue my Ph.D here by the support of Chinese Government Scholarship. As a British citizen having previously worked in the international arena in the U.S.A. and the Netherlands it was no mistake that China had to be the next destination. With a great deal of experience in international politics, coming to China in what some scholars have already donned the “Chinese century” is a must. Brisk economic development and China’s regenesis has initiated a rebalancing of global power trends and where better to witness that than in China itself. Thus, the energy and momentum that China has is something that shouldn't be missed, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I arrived Nankai in 2013 and graduated from the prestigious Enlai School of Government with an M.A. in International Relations in 2015, after which I decided to remain in this epicenter of educational enhancement. Currently I study Ph.D. International relations as a Chinese Government Scholarship student at Nankai, a program that has yet again provided me with many opportunities.

A major draw to studying here is its close proximity to the capital, Beijing and the fact that Tianjin is set to be a major international hub within the next couple of years. In line with these developments, Nankai has also undergone a major development project itself, constructing a vast new campus in the newly international acclaimed Haihe Education Park.

By coming to Nankai I have dramatically increased my employability. Learning Chinese as an international mediation skill and living in this diverse culture means my CV stands out. Not only that, but my network is brimming with countless contacts and colossal opportunities. Furthermore, since arriving here I have become the Honorary President of the University MUN society, the Chairman of countless youth policy forums, had numerous publications on the Tianjin regional economy and participated in international policy conferences. These experiences highlight what can be done to enhance yourself if you take a hands on approach and get involved.

My life at Nankai is filled with a fantastic sense of adventure. Everyday something interesting happens from which I can learn. Whether this is some sort of culture clash or an opportunity to get involved in some event, Tianjin and Nankai has it all. The campuses themselves are filled with a whole range of different peoples from all across the world meaning there is a good multicultural environment in which to learn. From this, there is plenty to do to keep occupied, ranging from Chinese culture shows to international events.

China is in the midst of the greatest economic, social and political development in human history, studying at Nankai means that I get to be at the center of all of this. Nankai regularly attracts world acclaimed scholars and famous names from the international political arena meaning we get great access to develop our network. Here at Nankai I get a significant chance to flourish and anyone who comes here can have that opportunity too. This university is famed university in China and is orchestrating new international linkages. Its insignia is a rubber stamp for success.

“Rise with China hand in hand”

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