CSC Scholarship for USA Students

Application Procedures

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[1] Nankai University Admittance

  • I. Submit application materials to the International Students Section prior to March 10th. 
    ★To get updated information on your application, please join in the QQ group chat of Nankai University Chinese Government Scholarship Recruitment: 376767322

  • II. All valid applications will be reviewed by Admission Committee Panel and final admission List will be confirmed by graduate school. (March 25th -April 10th)
    ★Only applicant who has been accepted by Nankai University can be qualified for CSC scholarship.

[2] CSC Scholarship Admittance

  • I. The list of scholarship candidates will be finalized and sent to the China Scholarship Council by April 30th.

  • II. International Students Section will announce results after getting confirmation from China Scholarship Council by the end of June.

  • III. Upon announcement, Nankai University International Student Office will mail applicants an Acceptance Letter as well as Form JW201 - Visa Application for Study in China and any other relevant documents.