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A key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Nankai University, located in Tianjin on the border of the sea of Bohai, is also the alma mater of our beloved late Premier Zhou Enlai.

Nankai University was founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators, Mr. Zhang Boling and Mr. Yan Xiu. During the Anti-Japanese war (1937-1945), Nankai University, Peking University (Beijng University) and Tsinghua University (Qinghua University) united in Kunming to form the renowned Southwest Associated University. It was considered to be The North Star of Higher Learning.

Equipped with top academic capability and creative spirit, Nankai University has a well-balanced faculty team in both age and specialties. Among the 1,986 faculties, there are 616 Doctoral supervisors, 734 master supervisors, 714 professors and 805 associate professors, 8 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 academicians of The 3rd World Academy of Science, 15 members of the Subject Assessment Division of the Degree Appraisal Committee of the State Council, 12 nationally accredited experts with outstanding contributions, 37 chair professors and 16 lecture professors invited on Yangtze River Scholar Award program, 4 chair professors invited by Tianjin municipality, 36 recipients of National Outstanding Talent Foundation, 9 recipients of Excellent Young Teachers Prize supported by Ministry of Education,21 winners of the Cross Century Talents Foundation under Ministry of Education, 20 teachers selected by national Millions of Talents Program, 8 teachers awarded by the Ministry of Education with the honor of Outstanding College Lecturers and 3 national famous masters of higher education.  

Nankai University has a full-fledged education system for producing undergraduates, postgraduates on master's and doctoral programs and post-doctoral researchers. Currently, the University has a total enrollment of 24,525 students, including 13,067 undergraduate students, 8,162 master's candidates, 3,296 doctoral candidates, 1,048 foreign students, 2,786 part-time adult students and 43,037 students in distance education programs.

Nankai University has broad international communications by establishing exchange and collaborative relationships with more than 300 international universities and academic institutions. Nankai University has been contracted to build seven Confucius Institutes overseas including the Confucius Institute in Maryland University in the US. In 2012, Nankai was awarded as Advanced Sino-cooperation Academy of Confucius Institute. We undertake the task of National Chinese Language Training to foreign countries, launch a number of study abroad programs including the Oxford Program, participate in the Davos World University Leaders Forum, are leaders in “The new international Sinology research plan” as carried forward by State Hanban, and have advanced overall levels of internationalization. Nankai University has also collaborated with Glasgow University and established the NKU-UoG Joint Graduate School.

Fact Sheet 2019-2020

General Information

Full Legal Name of Institution

Nankai   University

Mailing Address

94#   WeiJin Road, Nankai University, Tianjin,
   P. R. China 300071

Institution’s Website


Website for International Students


International Students' Section

Chinese Government Scholarship

Mr. Wang Ze  Tel: +86 22 23508686

Email: nkisedu@163.com

Confucius Institute Scholarship

Ms. Li Zhishan  Tel: +86 22 23508686

Email: nankaicis@163.com

Self-support Programs  

Tianjin Municipal Government   Scholarship

Nankai University Scholarship

Ms. Li Dan  Tel: +86 22 23508825

Email: nankaiss@163.com

Exchange Students

Short-term Programs

Mr. Shen Longlong  Tel: +86 22 23509646

Email: studyinnankai@nankai.edu.cn

English-taught Programs

Ms. Liu Xiuqing  Tel: +86 22 23509646

Email: studyinnankai@nankai.edu.cn

Academic Calendar

Spring semester

February   18-July 19, 2019

Fall semester

September   9, 2019-January 31, 2020

Summer School

June   24 – July 21, 2019

Deadline   of the nomination for the spring semester

November   15, 2018

Deadline   of the application for the spring semester

November   30, 2018

Deadline   of the nomination for the fall semester

April   30, 2019

Deadline   of the application for the fall semester

May   31, 2019

Academic Information

Language of Teaching



Recommend   Language Level

lHSK   level 5, for candidates who would like to take Chinese-taught courses in   colleges

lNo   Chinese proficiency level, for candidates who would like to take courses in   College of Chinese Language and Culture

lTOEFL   Proficiency level 80 or IELTS 6.0, for candidates who would like to take   English-taught courses and who are not from native English-speaking   countries.

Usual   Work Load in
   Credits or Courses (Per Semester)

15-17   credits/semester (undergraduate student)

10   credits/semester (graduate student)

Recommended   GPA

3.0/4.0   or equivalent

Grading System















Below   60


Accommodation Information

Housing Availability

On-campus international students’   dormitory

(On both Balitai and Jinnan campuses)


Cost of Living

Food: approximately 50 CNY/day  

Housing: approximately 60-65 CNY/day
   Chinese Medical insurance (
来华保险):   400CNY/ 6M , 800CNY/12M


Learning Opportunities

Language partners/ Chinese classmates   (excluding the school of Chinese Language and Culture)/ Chinese language   courses will be taught in a combination of English and Chinese.

The Application Process

Application Process

1.Apply online (http://nankai.17gz.org), register your   own ID, then fill out the application online.
   (the system has both English and Chinese versions)
   Please ensure that the information provided online should be correct specifically   and check your name, date of birth, passport number and study   period, as all subsequent documents will be prepared based on the   information provided.

2.Scan and upload the following   documents:

lThe information page of your passport

lA recent digital photo (must be   separate from passport photo )

lCertificate of enrollment at your   current university/institute

3.Please send the following hard copies   to International Students Office at Nankai University:

lNomination letter

lRecommendation letter

lNankai application form (typed)

lCertificate of enrollment

lOfficial transcripts

l2 photocopies of your passport

lStudy plane in Nankai University

Address to: Mr. Shen Longlong       

Room A101, Aida Building, Nankai   University, 94 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, P.R. China.

       300071    +86 22 23509646

Visa Types

lX2 (180 days) for one-semester candidates (not extendable, please   apply for multiple entries if you need to go abroad during the semester )

lX1 (30 days) for one year or   longer candidates (extendable upon arrival)


Mr.   Shen Longlong  Tel: +86 22 23509646  Email: studyinnankai@nankai.edu.cn

Suggestions and Reminders

lThe transcript and proof of presence must be provided by the   school and must be stamped with the school's official stamp or the   responsible person's signature. The letter of recommendation must have the   full name and contact information of the one who writes it.

lIt is recommended to bring at least CNY 1000 in cash, as it will   be needed for the taxi ride to the school and the dormitory deposit.

lStudents who come to NKU through an exchange program do not   need to pay tuition fees at any school. If there are any questions please   consult with the Office for International Academic Exchanges - International   Students' Section.

lPlease keep in mind that exchange students need to purchase Chinese Medical Insurance(来华保险). Compensation from foreign-based   insurance can take longer than from local-based insurance, and because the   Chinese medical system requires payment before administering treatment,   delays in compensation can have serious ramifications in the event of serious   injury. In line with this new policy, students arriving in China will be   asked to apply for Chinese Medical Insurance through   Nankai University within their first week in the country. The insurance fee   is 400CNY for six months or 800CNY for a year. For those who would like more   specific information about the Chinese Medical Insurance, please follow the   link: http://www.lxbx.net/index-e.html

lIn order to transfer credits to your home university, students need   to applyto get transcripts at the   end of semester, and then need to get their official transcripts from the International   Students' Section before leaving China.

lThe   online dormitory reservations is not available now, therefore the   international students’ office will make a reservation for students before   they come to Nankai. It is not possible to use overseas cards for   paying the dorm,   It could be paid only with cash or Chinese   card. Local banks, when paying for the dorm, student can pay for whatever length of time he/she wishes,   the dormitory   has different cost standards, which are based on the length of time you plan   on staying, either short term or long term. The specifics are as   follows:

- Long-term   (3 months and over): 60 RMB/day

- Short-term   (1- 3 months): 65 RMB/day;

- Regular   Price (less than 1 month): 90/104 RMB/day.

lWe open most of our Chinese-taught courses to international   students. (In order to get your credit, you can choose at most two majors,   one of which would count as your main major; you can also take two more   classes in other colleges, each class 2 credits, a total of 4 credits.)
   For candidates who would like to take courses in colleges other than at the   College of Chinese Language and Culture, a minimum of an HSK level 5 is   required. Your HSK certificate will need to be submitted in our online   application system, or If you don't have an HSK certificate, please upload a   Chinese proficiency certificate that has been recognized by your university   or your department with a stamp. This should include the student's name and   passport number as well as an explanation about his/her Chinese proficiency.